In Partnership with Firelight MediaOur 100 Days

Our 100 Days aims to tell stories from the perspective of vulnerable communities and explore threats to U.S. democracy in this current, polarized political climate.

Our 100 Days is a project from Field of Vision and Firelight Media.

Our 100 Days 1/7

Episode 1

An Act of Worship(9 min.)

Sofian KhanNausheen Dadabhoy

Our 100 Days 2/7

Episode 2

Picket Line(9 min.)

Cecilia Aldarondo

Our 100 Days 3/7

Episode 3

An Uncertain Future(11 min.)

Chelsea HernandezIliana Sosa

Our 100 Days 4/7

Episode 4

Here I’ll Stay(10 min.)

Lorena ManríquezMarlene McCurtis

Our 100 Days 7/7

Episode 7

American Carnage(9 min.)

Farihah ZamanJeff Reichert