Field of Vision continues its partnership with Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), an organization at the forefront of advancing digital security best practices in journalism, to host the next installment of the free digital security clinic for documentary filmmaking professionals, featuring group trainings and individual consultations.

Group Training Sessions

For this third round of the Clinic, we'll spend more time digging into high-priority concerns filmmakers have around protecting footage, communication, devices, and field work.

Footage Security, April 27, 1:30-3pm ET

Topics: Protecting footage stored on the cloud vs. external storage devices, Outlining and minimizing your digital footprint, Risk assessment before and after premiering

Communication Security, May 11, 1:30-3pm ET

Topics: Using your risk assessment to select the "right" tool, Ideal settings for encrypted messaging apps, Intro to building a communications plan for sensitive contacts

Device Security, May 25, 1:30-3pm ET

Topics: How to classify data in tiers of sensitivity, Understanding encryption at rest, "Locking down" mobile and desktop devices, Mobile and email phishing prevention

Field and Travel Security, June 8, 1:30-3pm ET

Topics: Travel risk assessment, Internal and external communication strategies, Securing and exfiltrating footage, Provisioning travel devices, Region-specific connectivity challenges

Consultation Follow-up Sessions. These 30-min, private “office hours”-style sessions are an opportunity for attendees of our group training sessions to get open-ended digital security support from experts. Consultation appointment slots will be opened for sign-ups at the end of each group training.

Please fill out our intake form here.


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