Submission Guidelines

Our films:

Our mission is to support work that uses innovative and artistic ways to explore contemporary global issues through a cinematic lens.

We support films of any length: shorts, episodic series, and features. We have no funding cycles or deadlines. We work with filmmakers of all experience levels and backgrounds.

Our interests:

  • We are interested in films that push the boundaries of nonfiction storytelling.
  • We are interested in films that have unique access.
  • We are interested in collaborating with journalists and artists.
  • We are interested in raw videos or images that expose abuse of power.
  • We are interested in non-traditional and innovative modes of exhibition and presentation.

Short Films:

  • Most of our films feature either a unique approach to nonfiction storytelling, or unique access.
  • Most of our films focus on stories that fit within the news cycle.
  • Most of our films are commissioned from the ground up or during production.
  • Many of our films are assignments - stories we identify and commission filmmakers to make.
  • Most of our films are either cold submissions or have great access.

Feature Films:

  • We support feature films at any stage: development, production or post-production.
  • We are interested in new perspectives and innovative approaches.
  • We are interested in bold, creative, and risk-taking projects.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t acquire finished films.
  • We don’t commission short films to promote feature films.

Field Notes:

  • We commission original pieces of writing about nonfiction filmmaking in all its forms.
  • We are committed to sharing perspectives on documentary cinema from within and outside of the United States and are open to publishing previously circulated works that have been translated to English.
  • We are looking for essays, interviews, correspondences, and other forms of in-depth writing on nonfiction. We don’t publish reviews or criticism.

How to Submit

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