Field of Vision is launching a new apprenticeship program. We recognize that there are many barriers to entry to working in the documentary field, and have created this program with the goal of supporting the removal of those barriers.

Mentorship, access and on the job training are too often out of reach to many, and are essential to advancing the next generation’s craft and careers, and expanding the field. We recognize that many members of our filmmaking community would love to assist in mentoring and expanding the field, and the budget to do so is just often not there.

In response to this, and further inspired by the fellowship program on Sam Feder’s Disclosure, Field of Vision is pleased to launch this program that will provide funding to support 4-5 roles in the field, and will provide our in-house expertise to the apprentices to create further training and mentorship.

Designed to create new models for working while supporting the craft, this apprenticeship program is open to productions to support fully compensated apprenticeships, and is positioned to enable underrepresented and emerging talent the opportunity to work alongside established crew to gain the experience and references necessary to progress in their careers as well as earn a credit on the production(s) they work on.

Independent productions and production houses, will find and select their own apprentice based on their needs and opportunities. As an example, a production could choose to use this funding to create an editing assistant role to work alongside an experienced editor and gain on the job training.

Field of Vision broadly defines “underrepresented and emerging”. We are supporting the field with apprenticeships in order to create opportunities for people that may not have access to them otherwise, across a wide spectrum, and will consider socio-economic status, community access and regionality, race, sexual identity and all other barriers to entry, and will also take into consideration where those differ globally. The definition of emerging is also not limited by age. We strongly encourage productions to consider an emphasis on D/deaf, disabled and neurodiverse inclusion - and should the apprentice require additional accommodations, we will contribute extra funding.

This program is open to our global community, and should a production outside of the United States be selected, Field of Vision will also sponsor an in-country mentor to help oversee the apprenticeship and offer guidance.

Our hope is that these positions act as an opportunity to help the recipients further their career, lead to more permanent positions and foster greater career sustainability.

Individuals may not apply for themselves and we will not take applications from streaming platforms. Field of Vision also wishes to thank FWD-Doc, Multitude Films, BIPOC Editors, the IF/Then team and the producers and directors we reviewed the program with for guidance and inspiration.


4-5, $30,000 grants will be offered to independent production companies that are committed to hiring an underrepresented and emerging crew member to mentor, train and compensate the apprentice on a production/s.

  • Applicants must be an independent production or production house, and the total budget for each production should not exceed $1.5m.
  • This funding is to be used to create a fully compensated apprentice position.
  • By applying, applicants guarantee the apprentice will be compensated for work on a single project or across multiple projects.
  • Apprenticeships will have a full, credited, paid role on a production/s, and applicants commit to the apprentice receiving a credit in line with that role on the productions they work on.
  • Applicants commit to ensuring the apprentice is from an underrepresented background.
  • Apprentices are guaranteed roles working alongside more experienced creators on productions to learn the craft.
  • We strongly encourage productions to consider an emphasis onD/deaf, disabled and neurodiverse inclusion and should the apprentice require additional accommodations, Field of Vision will contribute extra funding.
  • This is not a paid internship - applicants must commit to creating opportunities to shadow, train, and mentor and will not be solely for PA roles.
  • The apprenticeship can be for any craft area within a documentary production.
  • Individuals may not apply for themselves.
  • Limit of one apprentice per production/production house

Application Opens: October 14th, 2021

Application Closes: October 29th, 2021 (or when 150 applications are received)

Apprenticeship Grantees Announced: November 15th, 2021

Applications are now closed

Photo Credit: Sir Lex Kennedy and Yance Ford working on the set of the documentary “Disclosure”


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