Field of Vision Securedrop

If you are at risk, read our detailed guidelines How to Submit to Field of Vision Securely and Anonymously.

From the abuse photographs of Abu Ghraib to citizen journalists documenting police killings of unarmed teenagers, images transform how the public understands abuses of power.

We have created Field of Vision SecureDrop to allow sources to anonymously submit newsworthy audio/visual material because we believe images have a unique power to expose injustice.

The mainstream media often exploits representations of violence. Non-fiction filmmakers have a long history of properly contextualizing how images are presented, and focusing attention on the structures that produce violence.

If you are a source and want to submit newsworthy audio/visual material to Field of Vision SecureDrop, read this page carefully first.

How to Contact Field of Vision Anonymously

With our SecureDrop server, you can start a conversation or share audio/visual files or messages with Field of Vision in a way that should help you remain secure and anonymous, even from us.

To begin, go to a public WiFi network you don’t normally frequent, and follow these instructions from there:

  • Download and install the Tor Browser Bundle from
  • Open the Tor Browser and copy and paste this into the address bar: http://2mgwjg7ezpxhx5wb7zktijtnuy6qnobvurtberow52hlij2iw6eo5rad.onion/
  • Follow the prompts to send us information. You will be given a codename that you can use to log back in and check for responses in the future.

If you need to protect your identity, don’t access our SecureDrop server from your home or office.

If you wish to ensure maximum privacy, use the Tails operating system instead of the Tor Browser. See instructions here for Tails installation.

Ultimately, you use SecureDrop at your own risk. No system is 100% secure, so we cannot absolutely guarantee your security.

Sending Us Large Files

If you’re considering sending us sensitive material in the form of large files, you’re welcome to start a conversation with us using SecureDrop ahead of time. We can walk you through the various options, help make sure you’re following the proper steps, and assist you with the encryption software necessary to do so securely.

Tor makes everything you do online much slower, and uploading gigabytes of files to our SecureDrop server might not be practical. In these cases, sending your material via mail is an option.

Our mailing address is:

Field of Vision 114 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10011

In the United States a warrant is required to open postal mail. Even so, if you do plan on mailing us material there are a few steps you may want to take to protect your identity.

  • Mail your package from an unfamiliar public mailbox, and make sure you include enough postage
  • Don’t include a return address
  • Be mindful of your handwriting, fingerprints, and DNA
  • If you’re mailing digital material such as on a hard drive, a USB stick, an SD card, or a DVD, encrypt the data before sending it using a tool like VeraCrypt, and tell us the password separately through SecureDrop.

About Secure Drop

SecureDrop is an open source whistleblower submission system, originally programmed by the late Aaron Swartz, that is maintained by the Freedom of the Press Foundation.