We Met in Virtual Reality

We Met in Virtual Reality is a pioneering documentary filmed entirely inside the world of VR, formed by an intimate collage of stories exploring the burgeoning cultural landscape of VRChat, whilst the physical world faced isolation in the Covid 19 lockdown. Filmmaker Joe Hunting uses a poetic vérité language to create empathy with five protagonists represented by their virtual personas, demystifying the emotional and physical presence existing inside social VR communities. The journey flows through three emotive narrative arcs of two long distance couples growing their relationships in VR as they prepare to meet physically for the first and second time, alongside a sign language teacher dedicated to supporting a welcoming community for deaf and hard of hearing VR users. In these varying contexts, Hunting travels across diverse conversations about self expression, identity, attraction, grief and mental health, offering a hyper real framework on relatable human experiences.

About The Team

Joe Hunting began his journey capturing heartfelt portraits from VR in 2018, releasing his first award winning short film A Wider Screen in early 2019, at the age of 19. Whilst completing his film production degree in 2020, he shot and directed another award winning short doc and a comedy series titled Virtually Speaking filmed entirely inside VRChat, which both screened at festivals internationally. After graduating, Hunting has been shooting works in VR full time, alongside the year long production of his debut feature documentary We Met in Virtual Reality.

Joe Hunting
Joe Hunting

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