Javier Chocobar was shot dead fighting the removal of his indigenous community from their ancestral land in Argentina. His death appeared in a video on YouTube. This feature documentary unravels the 500 years of “reason” that led to this shooting, both with a gun and a camera, and contextualizes it in the system of land tenure that emerged across Latin America.

About The Team

Lucrecia Martel was born and lives in Argentina. Her work has been embraced by the international film community since her landmark debut in 2001 with La Cienaga (The Swamp). She went on to write and direct La Nina Santa (2004, The Holy Girl), La Mujer Sin Cabeza (2008, The Headless Woman), and Zama (2017), all of which have won awards all over the world. Her films have been critically acclaimed and distributed widely, premiering at top tier international film festivals including Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, New York, Rotterdam and around the world. Retrospectives of her work have been widely exhibited in prestigious institutions including Harvard, Berkeley, the London Tate Museum. She has taken part in the official juries of Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Sundance and Rotterdam and has been invited to give master classes around the world.

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Lucrecia Martel
Benjamin DomenechJoslyn BarnesSantiago GalleliMatias Roveda

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