Work in progress
Omari’s young life in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines revolves around playing football, and through the sport, he sees the world. That all changes when his grandfather, the last of the Barrouallie Whalers, teaches him about the traditional practice of hunting “blackfish”.
Akley Olton
Akley Olton is a filmmaker and visual artist based in St. Vincent and Grenadines, with a passion for stories that inspire & provoke. He is dedicated to the development of Caribbean cinema and has been trained in the visual arts, graphic design, animation and film and audiovisual production. He has been building a professional career as a Director of Photography, with 10+ years experience with Cinematography, Colour Correction, and Grading, Video Production, on several local, regional and international projects, including award-winning fiction & documentaries films.
Laura Sanz
Laura Sanz is a cinematographer, colorist and photographer from Madrid, Spain. She graduated from the EICTV (Cuba) where she studied cinematography; and from the Universitad Carlos III de Madrid, with a bachelor degree in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism. A keen desire to know other cultures lead her to student exchanges in Brazil, Mexico and Italy; shooting films and expanding her command of the medium in each new country she found herself in. Laura’s travels through different cultures, climates and landscapes informed and developed her unique cinematographic eye and the philosophies she now brings to her praxis as an artist.