Work In Progress

Moving between archives, memories and landscapes, Detour searches for the artistic remnants of Indian painter Jangarh Singh Shyam, rediscovering the enchantment of his paintings.

Tushar Madhav

Tushar Madhav is an independent filmmaker and arts researcher. His first film ‘Soz - A Ballad of Maladies’ (2016, India) negotiated for a space for the arts in the festering political conflict and military occupation of Indian-administered Kashmir. Denied telecast by its producers at Doordarshan, the Indian national television network, the film screened widely at festivals winning Best Film at 10th IDSFFK, 11th Film South Asia, and the 64th National Film Award of India for Best Debut Director. A resident artist at Cité Internationale des Arts (2021-22), he has been researching Indian painter Jangarh Singh Shyam since 2018 via fellowships and documentary labs at India Foundation for the Arts, Uniondocs, Scottish Doc Institute, and DMZ Docs.