A Place on the Edge of Breath

After Avery undergoes bottom surgery and finds home in her own body as a trans woman, she and her boyfriend, Francis, embark on a poetic exploration to create a home together through winter, spring, summer and fall.

Veronica Rutledge

Veronica Rutledge is a documentary and narrative filmmaker, based in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked as a motion picture editor in NY, LA, and Berlin, with credits including the award winning series “Ramy” for A24 / Hulu. As a director-producer, she’s drawn to stories that open us up to different realities. Her work frequently employs comedy, absurdism and the surreal. Veronica is currently an MFA candidate for Film Directing at Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema.

Ada Avery Bogetti Pérez

Ada Avery Bogetti Pérez is a student and writer living in Ithaca, New York. She is currently working on a collection of poetry called “Arbolada”, which is the story of how she is regrowing the world that was destroyed by colonialism, and her body. Avery’s current work of regrowth includes her studies to become a doula, so that she can give real healing and care to people outside of the colonial medical establishment. Avery dreams of a world in which the colonial regimes have fallen, the people have regained control over their own lands and bodies, and the fairies again roam the earth. She’s doing what she can to bring that dream into the daylight, mostly by loving and learning as much as she can, and by listening to the trees, who remember.

Francis Keahna Warrior

Francis Keahna Warrior is a storyteller, musician and visual artist. His words have most notably been published in “Fact, Fiction, and Fabrication” (Vassar, 2019), “Love Beyond Body, Space and Time” (Bedside Press, 2016) and “Survivance: Indigenous Poesis Vol. 4” (Rise, 2019). Warrior lives on Cayuga homelands with his family.