BLACK&WHITE deconstructs and reconstructs an urban legend about a killer nurse from WWII Czechoslovakia. With nurses and Nazis, syphilis and seduction, we explore how stories evolve and how they affect our unconscious perceptions of women’s role in wartime, heroism and revenge. Blending reality and imagination, documentary and animation, this short doc is a visualization of this woman as seen through the eyes of her neighbors in the present day.
Eluned Zoë Aiano
Eluned Zoë Aiano is a filmmaker, editor and translator with a background in Visual Anthropology. Her work generally focuses on Central and Eastern Europe and often addresses topics such as archetypes of womanhood and the importance of storytelling in daily life. In 2017, she was commissioned by the London Short Film Festival to produce the short doc Imam pesmu da vam pevam/I Have a Song to Sing You for their “With Teeth” programme. She is currently editing Flotacija, her first documentary feature, and she is also a regular contributor to the East European Film Bulletin as a reviewer and essayist.
Anna Benner
Anna Benner is a Berlin based artist working primarily in animation and illustration. Her work deals with psychology and emotion usually expressed with delicate line drawings. As a filmmaker, her animated shorts have screened worldwide and won prizes at international film festivals like Annecy, Encounters and Stuttgart Trickfilmfestival. With a good portion of humour, she creates a personal mythology filled with mopey humans, foul mouthed creatures and sexy abstraction. Anna also runs graumalerei, a gallery for contemporary illustration in Neukölln.
Linda Dedkova
Linda Dedkova works as a creative film producer in Berlin and Prague, and is a Film Production graduate of FAMU (Czech Republic, 2012) and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany, 2014). Party of Eight (Cinema Du Monde Montreal), the feature film she produced during her studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, was officially distributed in German cinemas in 2016. In addition to various jobs as line producer in production companies such as Constantin Film in Germany, she has worked for the renowned Erich Pommer Institute. In her work, she mainly focuses on international artistic and female-driven projects.